Next Chamber meeting will be Tuesday, October 6,  2015 at the Humansville United Methodist Church at 12:00 noon.


August Meeting Minutes

The Humansville Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at the Humansville United Methodist Church president Ricka Mathews presiding.  Big Spring Care Center provided lunch.


Attending the meeting were:  Ken Murray, Frank Reed, Melissa McCoy, Kyle Albright, Rita Smithson, Sue Garretson, Darla Dybdal, Debbie Taylor, Mike Bates, Cheryl Parsons, Gary Clark, Rhonda Rogers and Ricka Mathews.


Fall Festival planning was updated by Ricka Mathews and Rhonda Rogers.  A generous donation to the Fall Festival has been made by Scott Salvage.  Bob and Betty Clark will be the grand marshals for the Fall Festival Parade.  Bolivar Office Express will print the Fall Festival Book.  Some times for activities and sign up procedures will be adjusted to better accommodate participants.  Charlie Ankrom’s Friday night entertainment will go later allowing a later starting time for Brock and Makenna.  Kelly Kenney’s band will start at 7:30 pm on Saturday.


Sponsoring a free ride Thursday at the carnival for everyone age 12 and under was approved.  Details will have to be coordinated the carnival.


Replacement bulbs for the Christmas decorations will be purchased and  price check for additional snowflake decorations will be made.


Mike Bates spoke about organizing a Haunted House for 2016 Halloween at the BarnwooD Inn.  He also offered to allow a Humansville directional sign to be placed on the motel property at the Highway 13 and 123 intersection.


A thank you was given for the improvement to the community made by the Show Me Humansville group in cleaning up several properties.