Mayor: Paula Jonson

In 2004 I moved to Humansville from Prairie Village Kansas. I lived in Humansville for 3 years before becoming a member of the city council. I had been actively involved in the Baptist church and several committees and a volunteer for the Salvation army for two years.
Once I became a member of the city council I became very involved with all city activities. I made an appearance at all events and celebrations and met as many of the members of the community as possible thru the years on the council.
Over time, I feel many came to know me as a vigilant and committed member of the council and a good member of the community over all.
I remained a persistent and involved member of the council for 9 years. After the retirement of Mayor Walburn, I ran for and won the Mayors election and have been Mayor since March of 2016.
Since then I have worked diligently to take any and all steps to improve our city and to work with those trying to open businesses in Humansville in order to revive our town and aide in its growth.  It has been, and will be my pleasure to continue to do all I can to make our town one of which we can be proud.

Mission statement:

It is my hopes and plan as Mayor, to take all steps in enforcing ordinances and laws necessary to assure the steady improvement and growth of Humansville. My intent is to support the needs of the community. Encourage growth and participation in all things to assist that growth. Manage the employees of the city to assure they are moving in a positive direction towards the betterment of our town. Be constantly available to address any and all concerns that arise from our citizens. And finally, continue to better myself towards being the caring professional this job requires.