Phone us at 417.777.0000 "IF" you have questions after reading the content below. Contacts are listed for different events/legs of events! Thank you, Mike Bates, Chamber President 2018
Humansville, there is only one Humansville and we are who we are. A bunch of humans running around. A few of us cant stop smiling and a few of us never smile. We are a big mix of people living in this great little community called Humansville. We are a town of 1048 and still have a strong Chamber or Commerce, are working on our 71st Fall Festival. We used to be that bustling town, but the train is gone and new roads have bypassed us. We love our community, businesses within and the Sub-Humans in the surrounding areas. Come visit us and get your Official "Certified Human in Humansville" Bumper sticker!
Mike Bates
Website owner/Chamber President/That guy that just helps out.
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